We are frequently asked about purchasing specific items and/or renting out booth space. 

While we are not currently renting out booths, and do not typically purchase items outright, we are excited to offer a consignment option for your antiques and collectibles that meet our quality standards and fit into the overall genre of the store. 

Items we will accept for consignment, subject to approval by House and Buggy Antiques & Collectibles:

  • Antiques 
  • Collectibles 
  • Books/Magazines 
  • Albums
  • Tools

Items we will not accept: 

  • Garage sale/Thrifty items (as determined by House and Buggy Antiques & Collectibles)
  • Clothes 
  • Food
  • Handmade items

How it Works: 

  • The price for the item(s) shall be determined by both the consignor (you) and the consignee (House and Buggy Antiques & Collectibles), together.  House and Buggy Antiques & Collectibles reserves the right to select items that will be considered for consignment.    
  • A signed, written agreement will be executed prior to entering items into store inventory for sale.  
  • The price may be adjusted over time as you request, such as a seasonal sale, promotion, or discount, which is to be provided in writing.  
  • House and Buggy Antiques & Collectibles will display your items in the store and on-line.  Items on-line will be made available for pick-up in the store, or in specific cases, will be made available to ship (depending on ability to package an item for shipping).  The customer pays the shipping charge at U.S Postal Service rates if it is made available for shipping.  
  • You will be assigned a consignor code and will have access to your inventory on-line through your own site, which is a cool perk offered with the service.  This allows you to track your inventory, control pricing, and see sales as they occur.  

 Pricing and Fees: 

  • Sales Price:  60/40 split 
    • Consignor (you) will keep 60% of the sale, Consignee (House and Buggy Antiques & Collectibles) will keep 40% of the sale.
  • Consignor (you) will pay 3% process fee per sale to Consignee (House and Buggy Antiques & Collectibles), which covers transaction and credit card fees, to be subtracted from proceeds at the time of sale.
  • Consignor (you) will pay a $10.00 fee per month to Consignee (House and Buggy Antiques & Collectibles) per agreement for storage and on-line access of items to be subtracted from proceeds at the time of sale. Agreement is not limited to one item, it can include multiple products, as agreed.  
  • Important note:  House and Buggy Antiques and Collectibles will offer your items for sale both in-store and on-line and take reasonable efforts to market and sell your inventory.  Due to the nature of the business, items may have a longer shelf life (IE exceeding 120 days).  If item(s) do(es) not sell, and monthly storage and on-line fee totals the amount of the product, item(s) will become the property of the consignee with no further amounts due or payable.
  • Sale proceeds will be paid to you via check within 15 days of sale through U.S. Postal Service.  Checks can be issued sooner and in person if requested, with a 48 hour notice. 

We are happy to discuss your items, or send us a picture to [email protected] for review if you are interested in pursuing this option.  We look forward to working with you!