Jason and Tracy O'Donnell

Originally from Ohio and Illinois, we found our love in Jacksonville, Florida, and married in 2009.  A big fan of the Salt Life and beaches, we dreamed of one day running our own small business by the seashore with beach life hours.  Little did we know then that our life's adventures would take us to Texas in 2011, and ultimately, the little town of Terrell, TX, where we have found warmth in the local community and a beautiful place to call work and home. With the blessings of four adult children, 5 cats, 2 dogs, our hearts and lives are full of joy and happiness!

House and Buggy Antique and Collectibles

"Terrell's Own Little Antique Mall"

Originally opened in 1991 by Suzie Barton as Terrell's Own Little Antique Mall, the store is a great place to come and get lost in the myriad of booths that Suzie had fashioned after her home state of Kansas.  You will find the names of several buildings on the booth doors that represents a special memory!  Winner of many awards throughout the years, we were excited to have the opportunity in August of 2018 to own this little gem and bring it back to life!

As the story goes, we relocated to Terrell in 2016 as Jason needed a bigger garage to house his classic cars (somehow that turned into an 1883 historical home!!!)   We fell in love with the old homes here.  In fact, so much so, we purchased a second 1800’s home, and are in the process of renovation/restoration(s) and have some exciting plans there (more to come soon!)  In our renovation adventure, we have picked up so many antiques that need a good home!  We fell in love with the store the minute we saw it, and have been working on cleaning and upgrading inventory to restore this gem of a store for the next generations to come and enjoy!

We have a little bit of everything old and collectible.  If you can’t find it, let us know what you are looking for, and we will research what we can get for you!

So come on over, spend some time with us, and take a walk down memory lane. Or shop here on-line in your pajamas! Hopefully you will find that special something that you may not have even known you were looking for!!!